Technical features
Length overall 30 ft 9.15 m
Width overall 7.5 ft 2.30 m
(without load)
3310 lb 1500 kg
(on midship)
24 °
(on transom)
22 °
Maximum engine recommendation 2 x 220 kWt 2 x 300 h.p.
Fuel capacity 110 gal 500 l
Max. capacity 5 person
Pricing - Ordering
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Alexandr Philippov - Chief designer

Chief designer

Installing outboard motors allows for the vesselís power plant to be outside of the vessel.
†Such a layout creates a number of advantages, most notably, a very efficient use of the hull area.† Our 30-foot long, 7,5 foot-wide design features not only a spacious cabin, but also a kitchen and a latrine.†
Outboard motors are easier to service Ė in order to change the spark plugs or check on the filters, one merely needs to open up the engine cover.†

However, those preferring the classical layout with an inboard motor can enjoy such a feature on the Sea Dragon.

The exhibited model of Sea Dragon features two fuel-injected, 300 horse powerboat motors by Yamaha.†† While quite powerful, these motors abide by most strict environmental protection standards.
Of course, Sea Dragon can be outfitted with any manufacturerís power plant, as long it offers ample power output.†† The dashboard layout also depends on the choice of the boatís power plant, as most manufacturers provide instruments along with the power plant assembly.
The exhibited model of Sea Dragon features Yamaha instruments.

Sea Dragonís bridge and dashboard are quite modern in both design and functionality.† The dashboard can accommodate any additional equipment, such as a compass or a GPS system.
The passenger-side console features a glove box and the audio system controls.† The owner can select a marine audio system of their preference.

Sea Dragonís cockpit features 4 marine speakers, situated in a car stereo layout, which achieves a quality sound experience.
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Main features Speed Comfort
  Sea Dragon is a vessel for those with a discerning taste for water sports.† With a
power plant capable of 500 or 600 horse power output, it represents an unique combination of speed, mobility and comfort.
What is Sea Dragon?! Itís a 30-foot powerboat, designed to exceed 85 miles per hour.† Itís quite a monster, still responsive to you! When you see it for the first time Ö every one turns their head.
Everyone gasps in disbelief.†Itís really cool!
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