Technical features
Length overall 30 ft 9.15 m
Width overall 7.5 ft 2.30 m
(without load)
3310 lb 1500 kg
(on midship)
24 °
(on transom)
22 °
Maximum engine recommendation 2 x 220 kWt 2 x 300 h.p.
Fuel capacity 110 gal 500 l
Max. capacity 5 person
Pricing - Ordering
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Introducing Sea Dragon – a brand new offshore speedboat

Sea Dragon is a 30 - feet powerboat, designed to exceed 85 miles per hour.  With a power plant capable of 500 or 600 horse power output, it represents a unique combination of speed, mobility and comfort.

The sea-worthiness of SeaDragon has passed a battery of rigorous tests. The hull is lightweight, due to the use of high-tech materials such as Kevlar and carbon fiber. The Russian-built vessel meets and exceeds all the standards of American and European powerboats. Available at a modest price, the standard equipment of Sea Dragon includes:

    • Pump
    • Faucets and a sink
    • Liquid-fuel stove
    • Microwave oven
    • Refrigerator
    • Latrine
    • Freshwater Pump
    • Freshwater Tank (55 l)
    • Lighted range
    • MP3 CD player
    • 4 marine speakers, situated in a car stereo layout
    • Compass
    • GPS system
    • Anchor
    • Hydraulic steering system and steering wheel
    • Marine-finished cabin and cockpit



    Retail price without engines - $119 000

    Retail price with Yamaha 250AETOX and L250AETOX outboard motors - $164 000

    Retail price with Yamaha F250AETX and FL250AETX outboard motors - $169 000

    Retail with Yamaha Z300AETOX and LZ300AETOX outboard motors - $179 000

    Additional installation options are available.


    Please consider the following options of ordering a Sea Dragon:

    MOQ   6 boats/year
    Shipment:   FOB St. Petersburg, Russia
    Dealer Discount: 20%
    Shipping dates: In accordance with the delivery schedule to be agreed with the Dealer. First boat will be delivered in 4-6 months from the time of order placement.
    Payment: 30% downpayment when the order placement
    40% upon every boat hull completion
    30% upon every finished boat shipment

    Order submission/allocation:

    We must receive a written order, specifying the quantity of vessels, trim and shipping dates. Upon the order receipt, we will notify you within 7 days, either allocating the order, or offering alternative terms or options to the order.
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