Technical features
Length overall 30 ft 9.15 m
Width overall 7.5 ft 2.30 m
(without load)
3310 lb 1500 kg
(on midship)
24 °
(on transom)
22 °
Maximum engine recommendation 2 x 220 kWt 2 x 300 h.p.
Fuel capacity 110 gal 500 l
Max. capacity 5 person
Pricing - Ordering
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Happy User

When you see it for the first timeevery one turns their head.

Everyone gasps in disbelief. Its really cool!

Wherever you go, it will attract peoples attention.

However, Sea Dragon is not only speedy and maneuverable, it is also quite luxurious and comfortable!
The kitchen has faucets and a sink, a refrigerator, a lighted range, a microwave oven, a liquid-fuel stove, all of which allows food preparation in any conditions.
The latrine is quite spacious for this class of a vessel. It has plenty of room even for an adult and features a hand-washing sink.
The bunks comfortably sleep 2 people. An extension ottoman can be used to create a third sleeping spot across the cabin. A DVD player, along with a small monitor can be used inside the cabin. The cabin is spacious, and a mirror fitted to the bulkhead creates an illusion of more space. The cabin features two portholes.

Both the design and the craftsmanship are superb. In the unlikely event, even five people can stay aboard of Sea Dragon comfortably. However, it is much more common for only two people to take Sea Dragon out for a spin.

Sea Dragon was designed to be used at sea, thus its sea-worthiness has passed a battery of rigorous tests.
The hull is lightweight, due to the use of high-tech materials such as Kevlar and carbon fiber.
Sea Dragon is designed and built in Russia. It meets and exceeds all the standards of American and European powerboats, available at a modest price.

  Project author Chief designer Test-pilot
Main features New Layout Speed
  Sea Dragon is a vessel for those with a discerning taste for water sports. With a
power plant capable of 500 or 600 horse power output, it represents an unique combination of speed, mobility and comfort.
Installing outboard motors allows for the vessels power plant to be outside of the vessel. What is Sea Dragon?! Its a 30-foot powerboat, designed to exceed 85 miles per hour. Its quite a monster, still responsive to you!
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